DeRuyter, the way it used to be

Four-County Fair
The first four-county fair (Cortland, Madison, Chenango and Onondaga), was held in 1908 and was the immediate forerunner of the present Firemen's Fair which was started in 1927.

The Tioughnioga Inn
Situated on the south end of the lake, the Tioughnioga Inn later became known as Roots Inn, the Big Dog Inn and is currently the Boat House Restaurant, owned and operated by Pat & Richard Gulbin and family.

The Taber House
The Taber House was built in 1849 by Abijah Annas. The "Annas House" as it was known was later leased by Gilson & Warfield and then transferred to J.W. Clark. Gilbert Taber purchased the hotel in 1864. He remodeled the building and was proprietor for 20 years. The first modern bathroom was installed in 1902 by then landlord John Coye. In 1925 Grant Milks became owner and landlord. The three storied "Taber House" was dismantled by Mr. Milks and Jay Austin in 1931 to make way for a gasoline and oil service station.

Hotel Windsor
In December of 1898 Sig. Sautelle (George C. Satterlee) purchased the DeRuyter Hotel or the Hotel Windsor as it was known, (currently 1631 Cortland Street) for his circus headquarters. The property is currently rental units owned by Michael Skeele.

The Blacksmith Shop & The Gleaner Office
"The Weekly Gleaner" was founded and published by W.W. Ames in 1878 in the Stillman Block. In 1883 the publishing equipment was re-located to the new building on Lincklaen Street.

The Tioughnioga Fire Company

Allen & Wood

Smith's Funeral Home (in 1906)
In 2008, this is the third building west from Division Street. The building was occupied by George F. Annas in 1888. It was later sold to Lawyer L.B. Kern and in 1898 Kern sold it to M.E. Tallett. In 1943 R.F. Smith and Son purchased the Tallett residence to remodel and improve it for use as a funeral home and residence of the Wells Smith family.

R. F. Smith & Sons Furniture Store

Baptist Church
This church was constructed on Division Street in 1842. It was remodeled and redecorated in 1883 and again in 1889. A new bell was installed in 1901 but in 1947 the building was not being sufficiently used and was dismantled. In 2008 it is the site of the DeRuyter Fire Department.

The Esso Station

1937 Election Board

This picture was taken in November of 1937 - before voting machines! Pictured from left to right are:
Winfield Hills - ballot clerk
Cecil Taber - ballot clerk
Lloyd Warner - Democratic poll watcher
Howard Wood - Inspector
DeVer Wood - Inspector
Louis Burdick - Republican poll watcher
R.C. Spaulding - Inspector
John Hinds - Inspector
Oscar Blowers - receiving his ballot
Mildred Clendenning - depositing her ballot

The Former DeRuyter Town Hall
The first Town (Union) Hall was erected in 1855. In 2008 this is the site of the Catholic Church and and the parking lot between the church and Centro's Hotel. The building served as both the Town Hall and the Engine House for the fire department. In 1878 the building was destroyed by fire. A new Town Hall and Engine house was built on the same site in 1880. The upper rooms were a ballroom and stage. The fire engine and other equipment were housed in the back of the building on the ground level. The first floor west side room was used for town meetings, community meetings, band practices, suppers, etc. The lower east side was a hardware store. In 1884 the fire bell from the old Union Church was located on the Town (Union) Hall and in 1894 a cupola was added to the Hall to protect the bell from the elements. This building burned on December 31, 1946 along with the J.C. Stillman combined restaurant, ice cream parlor and store. There was also damage to neighboring businesses. The ruins were torn down in 1947. Although the bell suffered minor damage when it came crashing down during the fire, it was saved and in 2008 is displayed in front of the current Town Hall on Utica Street.

Howard H. Jones To Take Over Ottman Drug Store, Oct. 1 (1958)
For the past nine years, Howard H. Jones has been a pharmacist noted for his expert service and faithfulness in carrying out the medical man's instructions to the last letter. An Alumnus of the Albany College of Pharmacy, he received his B.S. from Union University in Albany. The same year, he received his N.Y. State license to practice pharmacy. He is married and the father of six children. His wife, Shirley, a graduate of Vassar College of Nursing, was a World War II Army nurse in Washington, D.C. Mr. Jones served 37 months in the Air Corps. Although he was born in LaFayette, Indiana in 1922, most of his boyhood was spent in Skaneateles, N.Y. where his folks moved when he was very young. He is a member of the Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge and the American Legion in Canastota. Mr. Jones formerly worked for Parks Drug Store in Canastota.

Hamlet of Sheds

Sheds Methodist Church

Sheds General Store & Feed Mill
Located on County Route 60 (Dugway Road) northeast of the intersection. The building was constructed in the mid 1800's. Newspaper articles from "The Weekly Gleaner" dated 2/5/1879 state that "Mr. Albert Dewey of Georgetown has purchased the building now occupied by Dever Mile's grocery store, and intends to repair and fit it up for a flour, feed and grocery store. Possession to be given early in the spring. Mr Dewey is a thorough business man, and has a wide reputation as a fair and reasonable dealer. Shed's Corners has long felt the need of such a man, and now, since we have the promise, let us all resolve to patronize him". From the 5/7/1879 issue of the same paper, "Mr Dever Miles has purchased a battery and other necessary apparatus, and is now engaged in learning the art of telegraphing, preparatory to entering our depot." From the 6/11/1879 issue, "Mr Dewey is putting in new boxes into our post-office - a change greatly needed." and from the 6/25/1879 issue, "Our enterprising merchant, Mr. Dewey, is creating quite a sensation in our midst. He has his store fitted up so that it looks very neat and pleasant and has a full supply of groceries and dry goods with prices rivaling competion. He reports business lively and seems well pleased with his trade. We ardently hope our citizens will not fail to sustain this establishment which reflects so much credit to our place." In 1946, store owner L.L. Walker installed electric motors in the feed mill. Joe Domino purchased the store in 1956 and called it "a complete one-stop Yankee Notion store. In 2008, owned by Glenn Marks.

Old School House

DeRuyter Homes of Yesteryear